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Why you should consider becoming a contributor to KKAS-LP (Island Rhythm Radio (IRR)):

We are more than just a radio station or some business. We are here with a purpose! “What might that purpose be”, you ask? To carve a road for the future of American Samoa, the people, and the community through the development of non-commercial radio entertainment and the broadcasting of news, to include family and educational inspiring programs.

It’s often thought as Taboo for the public to have its voice heard and put on the same stage with local governing bodies. KKAS-LP (Island Rhythm) Radio wants to equal the playing field by giving the people a voice and setting the stage. A voice in business, a voice in academics, a voice in politics…the stage? American Samoa and the World.

Ways to Contribute:

Live Radio Sponsorship:

For a monthly donation, we give our contributors a sponsored time slot of music segments, NEWs & Weather Programs, Public Service Announcements, Religious/Life/Culture Programs, and the variety. This is a great opportunity for a business or organization to take advantage of public radio exposure. The business/organization will be mentioned before and after a dedicated program segment is aired, acknowledging the sponsor to our listeners.


A generous donation of any sum is welcomed, highly appreciated, and would be respectfully accepted. We are a business of transparency and want our donors to have the confidence that their contributions are being optimized to the fullest. We want to assure those that are directly supporting the Island Rhythm Radio mission that their donations will go right back into building Island Rhythm Radio and its efforts in community outreach.

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